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JETI master developed his custom built equipments in the last 20 years to be able to produce the highest quality pickus. All pickups are hand winded, some of them from so thin wires that wouldn’t be possible to wind with industrial machines, because the machines would brake the wires. All pickups are assembled from the highest quality parts, the cost of these parts are a remarkable part of the final price of the pickups. JETI master uses specially designed magnets for the construction and steel and iron parts for leading the magnetic field. The constructions and shapes of these parts were developed for more than 20 years to produce the ultimate sound, that a traditionally built pickup cannot reproduce. After the pickups are built, they are filled with epoxy synthetic resin in order to avoid feedbacks, microphonic sound and to protect the construction.

Jeti, the master and the history of the bass pickups

I was born in 1953 in Hungary and playing on bass guitar and double bass for more than 45 years. I was always missing something from the sound of the bass, so I started to build bass guitar pickups and experiment with the sounds and constructions. The first unique sounding pickup, which was a jazz bass pickup with cylindrical coils was born in 1995. I couldn’t make it a commercial product, however you can find these pickups in hundreds of bass guitars. I kept developing, and my flagship humbacker pickup, the Glass Master was born in 2001. I wanted to make replacement pickups for the commercial bass guitars and developed a better Jazz Bass system by 2005, which was replaced by the current system in 2008. The Precision bass and Musicman pickups reached their final form in 2010.
Jeti Master of the Bass Pickups