The best bass pickups on Earth

Jeti Bass PickupsWelcome to the world of the JETI pickups. The JETI pickups are all passive pickups with rich overtones, where you can hear every detail of the sound of your bass guitar. You don’t need any active electronics to achieve a high end sound. Since you don’t use artificial active electronics for sound shaping, the sound of the bass will stay natural. Both the JETI single and humbacker pickups are all remarkably detailed and clean sounding, noiseless and overtone rich pickups with a high output volume. Jeti master is developing bass pickups for more than 20 years. The construction of these pickups are way different than ordinary pickups: using new concepts, which are not included in the technical literature of guitar pickups of the last 60 years. Jeti master is experimenting with bass pickup construction for the last 45 years and developed the best sounding pickups available on Earth. He developed a range of bass pickups: Jazz Bass replacement pickup, Precision Bass replacement pickup, Music Man replacement pickup, and the flagship Glass Master pickup. Learn more about the construction of the pickups and listen to the sound samples.

Order a Jeti Bass Pickup

The Jeti pickups

  • are rich in overtones as no other passive bass pickup
  • have a much lower noise level than an average pickup even in single setups
  • do not need active electronics, hence the sound will stay natural without artificial colors
  • have a range of replacement pickups, which makes even your cheap instrument sound like the highest end bass guitars
  • are also built for the highest quality master piece bass guitars making them really stand out
  • are coming with matched condensers and easy to make wirings to be able to imitate the sound of the classic pickups by cutting out the high frequency range and the glass clean overtones

Jeti master recommends the JETI pickups for those experienced and amateur musicians, who are willing to make the bass guitar sound stand out more than before from the mix and make it more colorful and noticeable with rich overtones. Your sound engineer will love the sound as it is not just glass clear in the high frequency range, but very solid and natural in the low ranges. You might find yourself disregarding (or moderate the effect of) some of the previously used sound shaping equipments, because you don’t need them any more. Please note, that the JETI pickups transfer more of the small details of your playing technique, and you might have to adopt to this new situation.

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