László Bank

I have tried a Glass Master in my bass once. I took it out from my Randy crying. Then I had a PJ set in a Squire bass, it was wonderful as well.

Istvan Illes

I have JETI master’s pickups in my bass for more than 2 years, and there is a huge difference between these and the old EMG pickups. They are incomparably better.

Nikodem Norbert

I have four JETi Pedal-Steel Guitar pickups.Very good quality,and noiseless.Best in the world !


The best pickups I saw or heard for bass guitar. It has a bigger output signal than an active pickup, however it is all passive. Thanks Jeti!

Philip Smith

I’ve thrown the EMG-s out from my bass and replaced with Jeti Pickups. The difference is huge.


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