Glass Master Bass Pickup

Glass-MasterThe Glass Master is the flagship pickup model of JETI master. It has the richest overtone range that none of the passive pickups on Earth can produce. You will never use your active electronics again, because you will not need the artificial coloring to achieve the greatest bass guitar sounds. The Glass Master is the ultimate bass pickup with a natural high end sound.

The pickups are all hand made with the highest quality parts and with the finest craftsmanship. The building time of the pickups are about a week, so the delivery times could vary. The pickup is available in two different sizes, the sound of which are identical: narrow (104x34x23mm) and Wide (100x50x22mm), you can order either one in 4 or 5 stringed versions. You can use the Glass Master pickups for the best handmade bass guitars, but you can also use them with your existing bass if you know good luthiers who can shape the pickup hole(s). Please indicate at the order if the distance of the center of the pickup to the bridge is less than 90mm or 3.54 inches (Bridge positioned pickup) or more than 90mm or 3.54 inches (Neck positioned pickup). You can also order the pickup as a set, please place two orders. The two pickups are not identical, the bridge pickup is stronger, because the amplitude of the string movement above the pickup is much smaller. This method will produce an even sound level in between the two pickups. You can also order the pickups in custom sizes that is bigger than the narrow type pickup if you order a wooden housing.

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