The Glass Master Pickup

Glass-Master-270hThe Glass Master is the flagship pickup model of JETI master. It has the richest overtone range that none of the passive pickups on Earth can produce. You will never use your active electronics again, because you will not need the artificial coloring to achieve the greatest bass guitar sounds. The Glass Master is the ultimate bass pickup with a natural high end sound.

Music Man Replacement Pickup

Jeti-Music-Man-PickupThis is a replacement pickup for Music Man style bass guitars. It is a passive humbacker pickup, which has a wider frequency range and richer overtones than the stock pickups. You will probably forget your active electronics as well, because this pickup can produce a better sound naturally.

Jazz Bass Replacement Pickup

Jeti-Jazz-Bass-Replacement-PickupThe Jazz bass replacement pickup set of JETI master. The richer overtones and the lower noise level will make the difference in your tone when you replace the stock pickups. The pickup comes with condensers, which can be used to shape the sound from rich to vintage. This will make your bass very versatile from the overtone rich Marcus Miller sound to the traditional Jazz Bass sound.

Precision Bass Replacement Pickup

Jet-Precision-Bass-Replacement-PickupThe precision replacement pickups of JETI master. The pickups have much richer overtones than your stock pickups, which makes the bass much more versatile. You can use it with even slapping techniques without any onboard preamp. The pickup set is noiseless and comes with condensers, which can be used to take away the high end for traditional precision bass sounds. This is the page to order a PJ set as well.

Special Requirements

  • Wooden Housing Option
  • Unique pickup – Please contact us for any unique size, shape or other requirement.