Jazz Bass Replacement Pickup

Jeti-Jazz-Bass-Replacement-PickupThe Jazz bass replacement pickup set of JETI master. The richer overtones and the lower noise level will make the difference in your tone when you replace the stock pickups. The pickup comes with condensers, which can be used to shape the sound from rich to vintage. This will make your bass very versatile from the overtone rich Marcus Miller sound to the traditional Jazz Bass sound. You don’t need and probably will not want to use any active electronics that artificially shape the sound.

The pickups are all hand made with the highest quality parts and with the finest craftsmanship. The building time of the pickups are about a week, so the delivery times could vary. The neck and bridge pickups are not identical, the bridge pickup is stronger, because the amplitude of the string movement above the pickup is much smaller. This method will produce an even sound level in between the two pickups. You can also use the pickups separately to make the tone more pregnant (Bridge only) or deeper (Neck only), because the noise level of these settings when you use only the single pickups would be much lower than on stock Jazz Bass pickups. The two condensers supplied with the pickup could be used by either replacing the condenser on the tone potmeter, using a push-pull type potmeter, or adding a dedicated switch to your bass. They cut the high part of the tone on different frequencies making your bass sound vintage. Choose the condenser you use for the tone that suits your needs the most.

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